The Gandhian City


Journey as Described in Bhagvat Geeta

Restated from Bhagvat Geeta; by B V Doshi

Restated from Bhagvat Geeta; by B V Doshi

The butterfly Effect




Am enjoying my guitar

music Dylan & Baez….

finding difficult to find time to practice

wondering…& wandering in and around

the wishes !!

Studio is Love

but its time to part

its going to be very difficult

and has to happen

Japan is future

its calling…

Dance has to go on

to make me feather light

to fly free along the wind

& to flow as the river

want to be everything and

Nothing at all

All in the same moment !

Walking the path

hoping to love everything I happen to meet.

                                                       – Kuhee


A runaway son

will never own savings

throughout his life

My treasure

is the cloud on the peak

the moon over the valley

Traveling east or west

light and free

on the one road

I don’t know whether

I’m on the way

or at home

From the book: Sun At Midnight
by: W. S. Merwin

The Japanese Oasis

Sitting in the Japanese Garden

I realised wandering through it

how entering down into the laboratory,

we bow down and reach our thought boat

& while coming out; climbing back

we imerge out from the thought 

looking up into the sky

breathing  & walking the green again!




Dancing People



self potrait

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